Laminate & vinyl installation


We guarantee your laminate or vinyl installation

Professional installation greatly affects the longevity and appearance of your new floor. Floors USA is so confident of its trained installers that we guarantee installations for the intended life of every floor we sell. If any problem arises with the installation, we will correct it for free. Whether you have decided on carpet, hardwood, laminate, tile, or vinyl to complete your home’s décor, our professional installers will maximize your new floor’s beauty and durability. Whatever your flooring choice, rest easy that your professional installation is guaranteed by Floors USA.

Lifetime installation warranty

Floors USA Installation Services warrants all laminate labor for the LIFETIME of the floor. Floors USA Installation Services guarantees that the quality of workmanship will be professional and in keeping with industry standards. This warranty applies to installation of new laminate purchased from Floors USA and installed by Floors USA Installation Services. Laminate and vinyl flooring must be installed over a hard, flat surface.

Types of services provided from Floors USA Installation Services at no charge under the terms of this warranty include:

Laminate: The repair or replacement of transitional materials (metal, vinyl strips, etc.) which may become loose and the repair of separated boards.

Vinyl: The repair or replacement of transitional materials (metal, vinyl strips, etc.) which may become loose, seam repairs where gapping is excessive and bubbling.

Please note that this warranty does not apply to repairs necessitated by abuse, improper maintenance or cleaning, flooding, excessive dryness or moisture, foundation settling, subfloor movement, scratching, vandalism, or by customers’ own repairs and/or damage caused by other trades.


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Manufacturer’s warranties

In addition to Floors USA’s installation warranties, you’ll find specific manufacturers’ warranties pertaining to the product you have purchased. Please read this warranty information carefully, as it may contain specific limitations to warranty coverage, as well as the care and maintenance procedures required to avoid the invalidation of some warranties. Keep this information with a record of the cleaning procedures performed on your floor.

Buyer’s responsibilities

The purchaser agrees to inspect the materials prior to installation in order to make certain that the floors delivered are the style(s) and color(s) you chose in our store, and are free of very obvious flaws and defects.

Our installers need your help moving your fragile belongings. Please take care to move breakables, including crystal, porcelain, and china from shelves, cabinets, and tables. Don’t forget about decorative items you may have on top of hutches or other furniture.

Walls and Draperies
Pictures, wall hangings (especially those at a low height), and floor-length draperies may interfere with the installers’ movements. Please remove draperies or tie them back at least 36 inches above the floor.

Closets and storage areas need to be cleared, and long-hanging clothing needs to be removed to provide a 36-inch space to enable the installers to work freely.

After your new flooring has been installed, it may be necessary to trim the bottoms of some doors in order to accommodate changes in flooring height. Have your handyman or carpenter provide this service.

Furniture Moving
We will gladly handle the moving of regular furniture during installation. Some items that require special handling include aquariums, waterbeds, grandfather clocks, and console pianos. Please note that pool tables, grand pianos, and wood stoves must be handled by professionals and should be moved prior to installation.

Appliances and Electronics
Some appliances may require special handling. Arrangements for disconnections and hookups of ice makers, gas appliances, commodes, or alarm systems should be made prior to installation. Stereos, entertainment systems, computers and other electronic equipment should also be moved before the time of installation.