Aside from paint, flooring can be one of the easiest ways to personalize a room. Its color can be a neutral foundation or a vibrant focal point. Today’s trends take full advantage of new products as well as new thinking about style— and current trends favor neutrals.

Neutral colors work with almost any color combination and won’t dominate your space allowing them to blend easily with your home furnishings and other décor. In order to make sure your floor still has personality despite the neutral color, opt for an option with texture. If you start with a neutral base, you can choose patterns and textures to create visual interest or a more dramatic look. Your neutral flooring choice will make a room cozy and allow you the option to change your home’s décor with the changing seasons. Neutral floors will let other elements of the room stand out like the wall color, furniture, accent pieces, wall art or even lighting features.

Take a look at the portfolio Living Room Color Ideas: Neutral to find ideas and inspiration about how to design and decorate your living space with neutral base colors including a video about how to assemble the perfect palette of neutral colors.

Not wearing white after labor day is a trend that definitely doesn’t apply to your floors! Turn every touch, every step and every floor into an unforgettable experience with the welcoming warmth and elegant simplicity of neutrals that will never go out of style!