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Blog > What is the story with carpets and rugs?

What is the story with carpets and rugs?

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 10:24 AM

The wide variety of available floor coverings can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s what you need to know about two in particular.

Wool is top of the pops natural fabric-wise, in terms of wearability, holding dyes well — and it cleans up in a jiffy. Wool is a staple yarn (small strips spun together) so it can fuzz up a bit and pill (think of your favorite old wool sweater). It’s not hypoallergenic, which means you might sneeze a bit if allergic to wool.

Mohair carpet is a popular choice for rooms geared towards warmth, particularly in cold climate areas with harsh winters. Although ideal for making a space feel cozy and helping homeowners keep warm, mohair is known for its tendency to shed which will require maintaining its fiber buildup frequently. This can be done with a carpet brush or high-end vacuums which come with hand-held carpet care attachments. Before considering wall-to-wall mohair, test its itchiness by holding it up to arms, legs and necks to see if the skin has any reaction.To see the entire list visit