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Top Brand Spotlight: Mohawk Flooring’s Generations of Innovation

Mohawk Flooring has been a staple in American flooring for generations and is known for its quality craftsmanship. The brand pairs this craftsmanship with innovation, offering unparalleled technologies like the All Pet Protection + Warranty, the Cushion series, EasyClean Stain & Soil Protection, ReCover Carpet Backing System, Signature Technology for Wood Flooring, and the WetProtect system.

Below, we’ll share details about Mohawk Flooring’s unique offerings and show how easy it is to ensure your engineered & laminated wood, carpet, or vinyl remains pristine and functional for years.

What Is Mohawk Flooring’s History?

Mohawk Flooring, a leading American flooring brand, has a rich history dating back to 1878, when it began making carpets. By the 1920s, Mohawk distinguished itself as the only U.S. weaver with a complete domestic carpet line, introducing the industry's first textured design and sculptured weave. Known for their commitment to quality, they uphold this tradition through continuous product innovation and award-winning design.

Mohawk is recognized as a trusted flooring brand, proudly assembling 100% of their carpet products in the U.S. Their dedication extends to environmental responsibility, investing in renewably sourced products and ensuring efficient, streamlined facilities and delivery systems.

Is Mohawk a Good Brand of Flooring?

Mohawk has been a top brand in flooring for decades. Their commitment to continuous innovation and providing the most exceptional products to consumers is evident through the development of flooring technologies that make care and maintenance as easy as possible.

All Pet Protection + Warranty

Mohawk offers the All Pet(R) Protection and Warranty for hard and soft flooring. All Pet protects against liquid spills and reduces common pet odors with no exclusions. The warranty covers all pets and all types of accidents for life — it’s the only comprehensive stain warranty of its kind. All Pet is available on all Mohawk carpet, wood, and vinyl flooring.


Mohawk’s Cushion carpet padding products include three types:

  • SmartCushion
    • Offers exceptional comfort and impact reduction through premium memory foam carpet padding
  • All Pet Cushion
    • Pairs the comfort of Cushion with the All Pet Protection and Warranty
  • BarrierCushion
    • Friendly on your budget and offers moisture and odor resistance

EasyClean Stain & Soil Protection

Mohawk Flooring’s EasyClean Stain & Soil Protection helps keep floors looking newer for longer, offering trusted, long-lasting stain, soil, and spill protection. Upgraded protection provides faster and simpler clean-up when spills and accidents happen, so you can rest assured your floors will stay beautiful for years without any elbow grease.

ReCover Carpet Backing System

The ReCover carpet backing system shows Mohawk Flooring’s commitment to sustainability, allowing the entire carpet to be recycled with all materials reusable. ReCover offers one of the most impressive warranties in the flooring industry and is latex and VOC-free to avoid absorbing moisture that can result in irritating mildew and mold.

Signature Technology for Wood Flooring

Signature mimics the natural design of Oak and Pecan wood flooring with 64 layers of multi-dimensional gain patterns, textures, and color variations. It offers four times higher visual resolution than other versions, with unmatched artistic precision to offer the beauty of natural hardwood.


Mohawk Flooring’s WetProtect system is the only one with a lifetime surface and subfloor warranty. It comes with a Waterproof Quarter Round accessory designed to protect the subfloor from water damage. The patented Uniclic technology offers the tightest locking system of any hard surface flooring, paired with a waterproof finish that redirects water away from joints and traps to provide the highest protection against liquid damage on the market.

How to Clean Mohawk Flooring

With all the flooring innovations Mohawk has developed over the decades, they’ve ensured it’s easy to keep beautiful.

Engineered & Laminated Wood

To maintain engineered and laminate wood flooring, regularly dust mop, sweep, or vacuum to remove particles that might scratch the surface. Avoid vacuums with a beater bar or power rotary brush head. Instead, use vacuum tools designed for hard surfaces. A microfiber mop is ideal for dust mopping. Monitor the mop head's cleanliness, replacing it with a fresh one when soiled, and launder without fabric softener to avoid residue streaking.


Regular vacuuming is critical for keeping your carpet clean, preventing soil from embedding in the pile. The type of vacuum you use depends on the carpet. Some carpets require a rotating brush or a beater bar, while others need suction only. Additionally, depending on how much traffic and usage your carpet gets, it's advisable to have it professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. This routine maintenance will help preserve the look and longevity of your carpet.


Regularly sweep your vinyl with a soft bristle broom to remove loose dirt. Use a mop moistened with warm water and a non-abrasive, neutral PH floor cleaner for a more thorough cleaning. It's also important to address spills immediately, preventing potential damage or staining to the vinyl flooring. This routine ensures your vinyl floors remain clean and in good condition.

Interested in Mohawk Flooring?

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